Dec 15, 2007

Queen Harish in the Movie

Queen Harish features in the film "Gypsy Caravan".

A Buena Vista Social Club for Gypsy Music, and also the chance to discover both 'Mr Harish Kumar' at home and Queen Harish on stage, make up sessions, interviews, promenade in Jaisalmer city, in the desert ... and amazing shots of her fantastic dance, captured while she was dancing for MAharaja, the Rajasthani music group, during the Gypsy Caravan North American tour, back in 2001.

The film is now distributed worldwide, try catching it in a theater near you, and for here is a little raw footage :

If the video does not load, please watch it from here

For the film release in Japan, the distributor had the wonderful idea to have me and my make-up skills on the poster ... very good !!
The film opens in Japanese theaters on January 12th !!!

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