Sep 9, 2008

Queen Harish Asian Tour

Starting October 1st, Queen Harish will be touring in South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

On this tour Queen Harish will teach and perform at The World Bellydancer Championship in Seoul, South Korea, Tania Luiz' Studio in Osaka, Japan, at Mishaal' Studio in Tokyo and at Rumpuree Studio in Bangkok.
Queen Harish will be performing several solo shows but most importantly will be the guest dancer to Fanfare Ciocarlia, the Gypsy Brass Band from Romania, featured in the film Gypsy Caravan, they are the greatest influence to todays'fashion for Balkan Beats and Queen Harish will be dancing on all dates of their Japanese tour produced by Plankton.

October 1 : World Bellydance Championship - Seoul - South Korea / info
October 2 : World Bellydance Championship - Seoul - South Korea / info
October 3 : World Bellydance Championship - Seoul - South Korea / info
October 4 : Dance Workshop - Kobe - Japan / info
October 5 : Dance workshop - Osaka - Japan / info
October 8 : Hyogo - Hyogo Hall with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 9 : Nagoya - Club Quatro with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 10 : Nagoya - Dance workshop / info : khalidakaori AT gmail DOT com
October 11 : Tokyo - Mitaka Civic Hall with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 12 : Yokosuka - Art Center with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 13 : Iwaki - ? - with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 16 : Tokyo - Club Quatro with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 18 : Kyoto - Biwako Hall with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 19 : Matsumoto - Art Center with Fanfare Ciocarlia / info
October 20 : Tokyo - Workshop at Mishaal / info
October 25 : Tokyo - Workshop at Mishaal / info
October 26 : Tokyo - Workshop and Show at Mishaal / info
October 27 : Tokyo - Workshop at Mishaal / info
October 31 : Bangkok - Halloween Event at Dream BKK
November 1 : Bangkok - Workshop at Rumpuree / info
November 2 : Bangkok - Workshop at Rumpuree / info

In Osaka sponsored by Tania & Sefa :

On Tour with Fanfare Ciocarlia:

Already outside the venue, before the start, I could recognise the bellydancers among the concertgoers immediately. Then I simply followed a girl in melodia pants to the elevator. Upstairs I met more of those- with a very different attitude from everyone else in the waiting queues. Ethnic clothes, long hair, often piled into fantastic hair dos on top of the head, and all those Japanese dancers way more expressive and individualistic than the rest of the crowd... Continue Reading

Workshop in Nagoya :

Show & 3 days of Workshop at Mishaal in Tokyo :

Today we had a workshop on Rajasthani dance with Queen Harish! At Mishaal's place, and the hall was full. Wow, this was so much fun. I have been studying the history of the dances backwards, starting with Argentine Tango, and then going back to one of it's roots, flamenco, and then on to bellydance. And now, finally, the roots of bellydance- gypsy dance in Rajasthan! I was fascinated. One of the first things Harish showed us were the hand movements. Bending the hand at the wrist and then letting it circle slowly and gracefully while turning out the elbow and and moving the arm, like a snake- exactly the same movements I learned about 5 years ago in Sevilla, at Taller flamenco! Continue reading ...

Queen Harish a Bellydancer

Queen Harish has ben invited to perform and teach workshops at Raqs Congress in Brussels, Belgium, next February 6, 7, 8 alongside the masters of Bellydance such as Raqia Hassan, Randa Kamel ... The festival has a very impressive line - up and is a must to attend !!

In the meantime Queen Harish is working on the choreography of her very first Bellydance piece, obviously a fusion performance of Oriental, Rajasthani and Bollywood into a new and inspiring form of Bellydance...
Note that Queen Harish has already danced for so much different musicians and Djs and all their world of musics but here is the first time Queen Harish selects a non Indian song for his own's solo show!!

if the video does not load, please watch it from here

Jul 22, 2008

Interview in San Francisco Chronicle

photo by Aaron Dressin

Queen Harish dances in drag

Monday, July 21, 2008

"I like to copy the Bollywood actresses," Queen Harish says with a chuckle. "But not the new kinds with the very short, short clothes." She prefers the colorful, traditional full skirts of her native Rajasthan. After being featured in the musical documentary "When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan," Indian drag sensation Queen Harish has become quite the jet-setter. New York, London, Barcelona, Tokyo - "the dancing, whirling, desert drag queen," as she calls herself, is everywhere, flying in for celebrity weddings, giant outdoor concerts and gay parties.
Continue reading...

Jul 21, 2008


I am on the west coast since 2 weeks, and i am leaving Los Angeles for Seattle today.
I had a fabulous time in Los Angeles!! Performing with Cheb i Sabbah at Getty Center, in a loft at Donovan, teaching workshops with Jenna and walking on the wild side with Princesss Farhana !!!!
I cant wait to come back !!!!

First city in California I arrive in San Diego, invited by Danyavaad, a dance and music collective with dancers Leilainia and her very talented sister on the fronthead. They have a wonderful entertainment vision and we look look forward to explore it further very soon!!

Before reaching California, i stopped for some days in the small city of Portales in New Mexico, invited by Yolanda Del Rio who is bringing world dances and cultures in this community. It was lovely!!

Jul 1, 2008

5 Days in New York

Performance at Drom:

Ultra Party & Performance at Tribal Dance Festival in Brooklyn organised by
Trisha McBride and Joy.
I love the American Bellydancers community because they love me too!

My first workshop in NYC at Bellyqueens, sponsored by Kaeshi:

God is with me!
I met with Rupa & The April Fishes at Drom Gypsy Club and she invited me to perform at her show at Central Park Summer Stage!!
My last performance on this stage was back in 1999...

I cant believe what happened to me while performing at the Post Pride Parade event "Color Me Queer"
, a Desilicious Sholay event.

If the video does not load ( ?? ) please watch it from here

I still miss photos of the performance at Jebon, please send me!

and if any better photos please send also!!

Now i will travel to New Mexico, California, and Seattle.
More photos very soon on this blog!
See you during the tour!!
Consult my tour list in the rightside column to catch up with me!

Jun 10, 2008

US Tour : June 20 - August 2

Tour Schedule in the column on the right.

On this solo tour, i will be performing my Cabaret performance , it includes Haremly Mujra, Rajasthani Gipsy and Bollywood impros.
i will also conduct workshops of Rajasthani , Bollywood and Mujra dances.
Also, I will be dancing for :
Cheb i Sabbah
Dj Amar
Rupa & The April Fishes

i am very honoured to have been invited on this tour to conduct, a workshop at cult Fat Chance BellyDance studio in San Francisco, to close the New York Pride at Desicilicious postParade event, to be part of Cheb i Sabbah's 1002 nights collective for a unique show at Los Angeles Getty Center and to dance with Rupa & The April Fishes on the Summer Stage of NYC Central Park!

Some press is starting to be out , read Dance San Diego

The tour schedule is in the column on your right, there are still some days off where you can invite me to your city, contact me at queenDOTharishATgmailDOTcom

Apr 29, 2008

Queen Harish & Colleena

Colleena & me have a Bellywood project cooking, we have worked and performed together several times this season in Rajasthan and are planning to produce a duo show to be launched early 2009.

Discover the introduction of our duo project on this new blog

For now Colleena has left Pushkar for the summer, she is touring in Europe and North America.

I am also taking a leave to the United States from June 15th till about July 31st. to reconnect with the peoples and I am looking forwards to extend this tour and wait for your calls ( queen DOT harish AT gmail DOT com ) to participate in projects over there in North America.

Apr 28, 2008

Queen Harish debut in Taliwood

If the video does not load ( ?? ) please watch it from here

My debut as a lead dancer in Taliwood (South Indian Bollywood) film : "Appudappudu".

In this scene happening during Holi festival, i do a flirt dance with the hero, he wants to divorce his wife... and she keeps an angry eye on me ...

I have my face behind my veil during the entire dance but watch out for the surprise, just at the end!

If the video does not load ( ?? ) please watch it from here

Feb 11, 2008

Les Galeries Lafayette Exhibition

My portrait in an installation by photographer
Anne Garde at Les Galleries Lafayette in Paris,
where the century-old, high end department store
remakes itself as an Indian showcase.

Galeries Lafayette creates India
through an
eclectic array of products services, exhibition and entertainment.