Jan 18, 2009

Queen Harish in Jaipur, Bombay and Brussels

Since i came back from the October Asian tour it was wedding season in India so i traveled across the country to perform at many private events.
I am very grateful to all the dancers who traveled all the way from Japan, Europe and US to my home in Jaisalmer to become my students and experience my dance in the desert.

Now it is touring time again :
Cheb i Sabbah is coming to Jaipur and invite me and Colleena to perform with him, Veve the most famous Brazilian Bellydancer from India has decided to launch a Queen Harish monthly workshop and event in Bombay and a very expected event is my come back to Brussels after 6 years to teach and perform at Raqs Congress.

January 21 : with Cheb i Sabbah .
Jaipur Litterature Festival . opening event
January 25 : with Cheb i Sabbah . 
Jaipur Litterature Festival . closing event 

February 3 : workshop in Mumbai hosted by Veve , register here 
February 3 : "Gypsy Caravan Hafla Night" at Zenzi in Bandra, Mumbai

February 5,6,8 : Raqs Congress with Randa Kamel, Tito, Farida Fahmi ...Brussels, Belgium