Aug 29, 2010

Dance Like a Man

text by Anushree Majumdar

A man who slips into the gait of a woman, a dancer in drag who is father of two. In the gallis of Jaisalmer and on a stage in Seoul, Harish Kumar turns into a diva that men desire. Where the lines blur, there begins the incredible double life of Queen Harish.

A silicon breast is a weapon of mass seduction. And two will help you find your target. Harish Kumar gently filled his bustier top with one each; he was close to the end of his routine. One that had begun an hour ago by sitting with his chrome make-up box, mixing powders and paints and applying colours on the canvas that is his face. Kryolan, MAC, Lakme — no expense spared to ensure that the hard lines of his nose and jaw were softened, made feminine. He squeezed into a heavy red-and-gold ghagra, slipped on Rajasthani bangles that went up till his shoulders, adjusted his wig and stepped into his Salvatore Ferragamo pumps. In the mirror, we saw a slim, taut-waisted woman, with heavy-lidded eyes and high breasts. Kumar was now Queen Harish and she was ready for the kill.

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Aug 16, 2010

Now, what about India ?

Yes India ... and here is a humble yet wishful start...