Apr 29, 2008

Queen Harish & Colleena

Colleena & me have a Bellywood project cooking, we have worked and performed together several times this season in Rajasthan and are planning to produce a duo show to be launched early 2009.

Discover the introduction of our duo project on this new blog

For now Colleena has left Pushkar for the summer, she is touring in Europe and North America.

I am also taking a leave to the United States from June 15th till about July 31st. to reconnect with the peoples and I am looking forwards to extend this tour and wait for your calls ( queen DOT harish AT gmail DOT com ) to participate in projects over there in North America.

Apr 28, 2008

Queen Harish debut in Taliwood

If the video does not load ( ?? ) please watch it from here

My debut as a lead dancer in Taliwood (South Indian Bollywood) film : "Appudappudu".

In this scene happening during Holi festival, i do a flirt dance with the hero, he wants to divorce his wife... and she keeps an angry eye on me ...

I have my face behind my veil during the entire dance but watch out for the surprise, just at the end!

If the video does not load ( ?? ) please watch it from here