May 4, 2016

“People do not stop dancing because they get older, they get older because they stop dancing”

Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to step up and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Yes, I know the list is endlessly positive yet I would like to list many of them.

Reasons to dance:
  • Dance is considered to be one of the top five physical activities, out of 60 studied
  • It's great exercise because it focuses on the person to become healthy, builds and increases stamina
  • Enables people to overcome shyness, increase personal confidence; and in the process they learn a skill for lift
  • Strengthens and tones legs and body thereby increasing flexibility and balance
  • Helps with weight loss, by releasing toxins via sweating
  • Depending on the medical condition of the said person, it may help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol level and also prevent osteoporosis
  • Indian dances involve a rigorous activity that uses the larger muscle groups
  • There's a lot of music to dance to so it becomes a great way to meet people.
  • There are so many kinds of dancing; you can't get bored with it. It's fun! A lot of people go dancing to make friends in the dance scene.
  • Anyone can do it. If you've got some rhythm and aren't afraid to move your feet on the dance floor, you've got it made. (well, almost).
  • Conditions the body, increases energy, Helps keep the heart in shape and develops the circulatory system
  • Get more fun and enjoyment
  • Something to do with your Significant Other
  • Dance and stay young. Dancing is something you can do for the rest of your life. If you can dance well, people don't care if you are 20 or 70
  • It has been researched that it prevents Alzheimer later in life

There are more benefits than the one listed. I’m sure that these are sufficient enough to make you put on your dancing shoes! Come join the fun!

Queen Harish in desert of Jaisalmer !!!

Mar 11, 2016

Get, Set , Dance

Now that the promotions are ongoing for Jai Gangajal (Gangajal2), my fans often ask me how my experience was different from my stage performance. So here, I am putting my experiences before you.

Unlike my actual dance performance, on the sets the dance is broken up given the angular views, cuts and retakes that are so normal and routine to the film making process. Though I’m not much used to it – any experience that’s new is fun and I’m not the one to complain.

Another thing I liked about movie making was that when you’re in front of the camera, and nearly 20 people or more are looking at you at the same time – I found it amusing. On the stage, I’m the boss and on the sets I translate the Director’s vision into myperformance. This sets up my benchmarks on a higher level than before.

Discussing with the Director, the Choreographer and the Set Director about their expectations and their visualization of the scene is extremely important to fuse all that magic into my dance and rhythm. 

Mar 10, 2016


“When the world was steeped in disillusion, Brahma the Creator was asked by the people to create an Art that was to entertain and enlighten, an art that was to be seen and heard by all, as the Vedic Scriptures were too grave and ambiguous to be understood and enjoyed by one and all.”      

Bharatiya Natyashastra

Therefore the creation of dance performance for the masses came into existence, which is the Bharatiya Natyashastra, a sacred treatise on dance.
Dancing is crucial to India, because dance is such an important part of the Indian psyche. The Hindu faith which is regarded as being a way of life states that the very Universe was created through the dance of Lord Shiva, and that its preservation, destruction and further creation is all part of the harmonious dance of Lord Shiva as Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance.
Bollywood films as a medium brought various dance forms to the masses. In a vast subcontinent like India, Bollywood at one time was the sole ambassador of all the classical forms especially to dancers who did not have access to see and learn many dance forms because of their geographic location or cultural background.       
Bollywood dance, is often set to songs which are potent with meaning. Hence the dance, while being fun and energetic and an amalgamation of various styles from all over the world, has to retain its original gestural language, in order to express the lyric content of the song, which will then bring the story or mood of the film to the desired level. In Bollywood movies, the dancer or the actor has to feel, interpret and act the storyline or the lyric content of the song to take the story forward. 

For my item song “Jai Gangajal” that was what was desired of me and that’s precisely what I did. I was my natural self and was seamlessly woven into the film with ease. Admittedly, cinematic dance requires lots of takes and retakes it has been a wonderful experience so far.