May 4, 2016

“People do not stop dancing because they get older, they get older because they stop dancing”

Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to step up and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Yes, I know the list is endlessly positive yet I would like to list many of them.

Reasons to dance:
  • Dance is considered to be one of the top five physical activities, out of 60 studied
  • It's great exercise because it focuses on the person to become healthy, builds and increases stamina
  • Enables people to overcome shyness, increase personal confidence; and in the process they learn a skill for lift
  • Strengthens and tones legs and body thereby increasing flexibility and balance
  • Helps with weight loss, by releasing toxins via sweating
  • Depending on the medical condition of the said person, it may help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol level and also prevent osteoporosis
  • Indian dances involve a rigorous activity that uses the larger muscle groups
  • There's a lot of music to dance to so it becomes a great way to meet people.
  • There are so many kinds of dancing; you can't get bored with it. It's fun! A lot of people go dancing to make friends in the dance scene.
  • Anyone can do it. If you've got some rhythm and aren't afraid to move your feet on the dance floor, you've got it made. (well, almost).
  • Conditions the body, increases energy, Helps keep the heart in shape and develops the circulatory system
  • Get more fun and enjoyment
  • Something to do with your Significant Other
  • Dance and stay young. Dancing is something you can do for the rest of your life. If you can dance well, people don't care if you are 20 or 70
  • It has been researched that it prevents Alzheimer later in life

There are more benefits than the one listed. I’m sure that these are sufficient enough to make you put on your dancing shoes! Come join the fun!

Queen Harish in desert of Jaisalmer !!!